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Congressional Quarterly, Inc., or CQ, is part of a privately owned publishing company called CQ Roll Call that produces a number of publications reporting primarily on the United States Congress. CQ was acquired by the Economist Group and combined with Roll Call to form CQ Roll Call in 2009.

A formper employee shared his experience at CQ, "This was one of the worst professional experiences of my life. I really only have myself to blame for it because I had seen the reviews here on Glassdoor before I accepted the offer. But I believed HR and management when they told me all the reviews were written by people who had just been let go due to layoffs.

Nothing HR/Management told me about the culture work life/workload turned out to be true. It didn't matter what area of CQ you worked in Technology, Editorial, Sales, Marketing everyone there was given far too much to do with far to little resources and no path to success. Morale was dismal and people openly cried at their desks. The CQ office is an open office layout so everyone's coworkers could see when that happened.

People brought their concerns to various levels of management so many times that we didn't have enough staff/resources. On one occasion a senior leader at the company said we'd all have to take pay cuts if they were going to hire more people. In fact after we shared our concerns with them they downsized multiple departments.

This place actually had a negative impact on my health and that's when I finally turned in notice.

If a recruiter or anyone reaches out to you from CQ hang up or delete the email and run the other way! No matter what promises they make it's not worth it."


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